Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Brief Introduction to

Assalamoalaikum Readers,
Today I am introducing a very valuable website to you:
Professor Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui Hasrat  Hyderabadi was my Grand Teacher.
He was a great Scholar and great Soofi.
His students and followers are found in every part of this world.
He wrote so many books on various Islamic Topics, a few you can find on this website.
Other books and booklets are to be published on this website later on.
One of his greatest achievements is known as "TAFSEER-E-SIDDIQUI".
You can read it online.
You can also read other books online.
He was a great poet too.
His collection of verses are so many, out of them one is known as KULLIYAT-E-HASRAT.
In future I will give you a better introduction of his achievements, InshaAllah.
Waiting for your comments.

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