Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Once I received an interesting article about "Valley of Jinns" near Medinah Munawwarah.
Really it was much interesting for me.
I already had heard some thing about it.
But as a matter of fact I could not believe in it.
What the jinns have to do pushing vehicles and other itmes in one direction only.
It should be under control of any natural phenomena that ought to be discovered.
Study and research on this topic continues.
Many friends have guided us to a number of websites.

Please go through these websites and let us know about your comments and research.

Tatheer Khan wrote:
I agree, I experienced this Drive my self in Neutral Gear Position, for me I drive and capture the Video but due to very large size of video clip i can not sent you, but you may have already seen in youtube many links video are uploaded from many people.
I want to Add, this gravity attraction we have in some other places like this link

Sohail Khan wrote:
A more comprehensive explanation with pictures and measurements can be found at below link:
Sohail Khan added:
This is an optical illusion, here please find the explanation for the same:

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