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Helpful Relaxation Techniques

Hi again, Irshad.  Have you begun working on eliminating some
of the stressors from your life?  Are you taking action, changing
your perception or accepting the circumstances you can't yet
change?  If so, you should be feeling more in control of your
circumstances, and that's a good thing!

Today I'll be sharing some simple strategies to help you manage
stress, and even stop it before it gets started.  You may have
experience with some of these already, but I'll explain why they're
so helpful.

  •   Meditation. 

    Since a lot of stress stems from your own scattered thoughts and
    errant emotions, meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and
    improve your focus.  And the benefits last long after you've
    stopped meditating too!  Just a few minutes of meditation in the
    morning can help you feel calmer and more focused all day long.

    NOTE:  Our Totally Tranquil program is designed to produce an
    alpha-level meditation.  That's similar to relaxing in front of the
    televsion (yet, much more mentally healthy for you).  For a deeper
    level of meditation, try our Deep Zen program -  This program takes you into a low-theta
    brain state - that's just above sleep, where you're still
    conscious, yet deeply relaxed.

  •   Visualization. 

    Visualization is like taking a vacation in your mind.  In fact, you
    can do just that when you're feeling stressed!  The next time you
    find yourself in a stressful situation, find a quiet place to be
    alone for a few minutes, close your eyes, and imagine that you're
    lying on a tropical beach.  Feel the sand beneath your body, the
    sun warming your skin, the kiss of the breeze moving through your
    hair.  Breathe deeply and welcome the sensation of total relaxation
    flowing through your body.  Just a few minutes of this can trigger
    your body's relaxation response because your mind cannot tell the
    difference between something real and imagined! 

  •   Exercise. 

    You've heard it before but the benefits cannot be ignored!
    Exercise gets those feel-good endorphins flowing, which will
    continue to benefit you long after you're done exercising.  Not
    only that, but you'll feel stronger physically, more balanced
    emotionally, and more alert mentally - which can help you cope
    better with stress.

  •   Deep breathing. 

    Most of us are "shallow breathers," using only a portion of our
    lung capacity.  As a result, we feel sluggish, foggy-headed and
    tired.  Get into the habit of breathing deeply and fully several
    times a day.  Doing so floods your body with oxygen; wakes you up
    AND calms you down.  You'll feel alert, energized and balanced,
    which can help you focus better on whatever you need to get done.

  •   Massage. 

    This is one of those "luxuries" that should be a necessity for
    anyone who feels stressed!  True, massages aren't exactly cheap,
    but even if you can only afford a monthly massage, it's well worth
    the money because just 20-30 minutes of massage can wipe away
    months of stress.

  •   Recreation/Fun. 

    Don't underestimate the power of fun and recreation to get rid of
    (and prevent) stress.  Be sure to make a regular habit of spending
    time with friends and doing things you love.  Read good books,
    watch good movies, dance, listen to good music, etc.

    All of these things are great ways to manage your stress, but even
    better, if you do them on a regular basis, you'll find that you
    don't get as stressed as you once did.

    Be sure to tune in for tomorrow's installment,
    Because I'm going to share another powerful technique for managing
    stress - right while you're in the heat of the moment!

    Until then,


    PS - You can use the Totally Tranquil before, during or after most
    of these suggestions to magnify the positive impact of your


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