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Hashim Amla Pays 500$ For Not Wearing Wine tagged T-Shirt

Cape Town : South Africa | Apr 14, 2011
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South Africa's Hashim Amla bats in the nets during a cricket practice session in New Delhi
Batting sensation of recent times I.e. Hashim Amla hailing from S Africa and being ICC No.1 batsman is not only a man of character just in sports arenas but also in the real life. He pays 500$ fine on not wearing the wine tagged T-shirt of South Africa's national cricket team kit. Allah bless you Mr Hashim Amla. We are proud of you.

The cricket gurus are in opinion that if he continues such a character in the field, he can be the first South African cricket captain who is Muslim and Asian born. He has become a role model for all the Muslims and especially who are in sports arenas.

The story goes as few years back, South African cricket team made an agreement with a wine selling company. But they were astonished when Hashim Amla denied to wear this wine tagged t-shirt. He placed the arguments as wine was "haram" in Islam so all the money earned from this tag would also be "haram".At last the agreement was done between Hashim and Board and Hasim had to pay 500$ per month as the cost of his character and religion. Very well done Hashim.

He also stated that he turned down the million dollars offer from IPL just due to the vulgarity and nudity there. This is the ironic character of a true Muslim. We all pay a tribute to this great Muslim. May Allah bless us with such a character and religious values. Allah Bless You Hashim Amla.

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